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Somewhere out there, where contemporary folk sometimes has its little excursion with fusion and on to neo-classical crossover, perhaps, you'll find a style definition for Dave's output. Still, trying to pin down a musical style in words is a bit like painting rainbows in black and white (of which, Judee Sill's reference to Pythagoras, Bach and Ray Charles as her main musical influences - and 'Country-Cult-Baroque' as her style definition! - deserves more than a little admiration). Proof enough that it's always best to let the music speak for itself!

Formatively, from a classical conservatoire background (specialising in the Baroque harpsichord repertoire!), but always a firm believer that there's only two kinds of music, the good kind and the 'other' kind. Dave's blend of simple folk-like melodies combined with sonorously crafted orchestrations conjures up a sort of acoustic Arcadia, but one which never gets in the way of the lyrics, which are the heart of each song. Sometimes introspective, driven by a wider social conscience and a sense of human fragility. Music for the soul.

When asked, once, what he was aiming for in his music, Dave deferred to the words of another eclectic musician: "My creed for art in general is that it should enrich the soul ... showing a person a portion of himself that he would not discover otherwise... a part of yourself you never knew existed." (Bill Evans.) Let the dream live on.

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